The God Particle Conspiracy

Prominent Princeton astrophysicist John Logan discovers corrupt politicians have hatched a scheme to steal the world’s largest supercollider so they can hold the world’s fossil-fuel economy hostage and plunge civilization into anarchy. Dr. Logan is ready to blow the whistle when tragedy strikes. He runs for his life and hides in a dank New Orleans church abandoned since Katrina, numbing his pain with cheap Bourbon. His protégé, Sarah Carmichael, is left to finish the puzzle, find the professor, and stop the madmen before it’s too late. That is, if the people who want them dead don’t kill them first.

The God Particle Conspiracy's official release date April 30, 2019. Pre-orders for hardcover and paperback may be ordered via order form below.

Links for e-book versions will be posted as soon as they become available.

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